About Quami Ekta

Quami Ekta is one of the fast growing Punjabi newspapers in the United States of America. Founded in 2002, as an online newspaper Quami Ekta quickly became one of the most trusted sources for Punjabi news and writings from all corners of the world. After numerous requests from our readers, in 2004 Quami Ekta started publishing a print edition. Due to our commitment to the community Quami Ekta has quickly become one of the top printed Punjabi newspaper in the USA. Quami Ekta is the only Punjabi newspaper completely designed and printed in the U.S.A., allowing us to stay ahead of our competition using the latest knowledge, techniques, technology and supporting our NRI community better. Since Quami Ekta is designed and published in the USA we are able to reduce our production time allowing us to publish material faster and be ready for circulation upto three days before our competition.

Quami Ekta print edition is distributed by an in-house delivery team, which assures proper distribution to all the right places. Quami Ekta Weekly newspaper is distributed to Indian stores, Gurdwaras, and other Punjabi places of interest throughout the U.S.A. The entire Quami Ekta team is committed to maintaining high reporting & publishing standards to present a neutral perspective on all issues. To keep Quami Ekta a neutral source of information we don.t associate with any political and/or religious parties, nor do we charge money to publish news or other material. We can proudly say that due to this commitment to honesty and neutral perspective Quami Ekta has quickly become the preferred choice of thousands of loyal readers for news and other Punjabi writings.

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